How This Male Beauty Guru Is Close To Reaching 200K Subscribers

Alex Faction is a pro makeup artist who drops videos every Tuesday and Thursday on his YouTube channel. He is famously known for creating a Halloween makeup look on Jennifer Lopez that left many people in awe. So, how has he gained this much popularity?

Let’s find out.

1. He is an expert in special FX makeup.

The unique thing about Alex’s channel is all the special fx makeup videos he has. His channel is not your regular makeup channel. Instead, Alex has found something that he is a pro at and used his platform to showcase his work. In return, he has attracted many viewers to it.

2. He gives his viewers tips that could benefit them.

Everyone wants to know how you can make money out of social media, but not a lot of people talk about it. Alex knows that he has made his success out of his social media, so he shares tips to his viewers to let them know.

3. He does first impressions.

First impressions are always fun because you get to hear honest reviews about makeup items before buying them. These reviews can also help male and female makeup artists learn new things since it’s coming from a guy’s perspective.

Alex Faction is so close to reaching 200K subscribers on his YouTube channel. His success comes from showcasing what he’s good at, giving helpful advice, and being honest about things he reviews.

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