How This Rapper Made A Comeback

Rapper Gucci Mane, also known as Radric Delantic Davis, served a three-year sentence in prison, but that has not stopped him from continuing to follow his career goals. Prison has changed the man that his fans loved, but there are no complaints this far. Everyone is surprised and amazed by his transformation.

Here is how Gucci Mane surprised his fans in virtually no time.

1. He focused on getting healthy.

Years before Gucci’s release, Rick Ross slimmed down, and the hip hop world went crazy over the few pounds that he had shed. Gucci Mane topped any hip-hop transformation before. The 6’2” rap figure had a large stomach, and now he has six-pack abs.

He is now healthy, and he promotes healthy living on his Snapchat. Gucci Mane has come back with a new wave of positivity for not only himself but his fans as well.

The video “First Day Out Tha Feds” displays Gucci Mane’s new body.

2. He released another album.

Fans were screaming “Free Guwop” until Gucci’s release. They were also waiting for a single or an underground mixtape to drop while he was in prison. Neither happened, but Gucci knew he couldn’t disappoint his fans.

In the month of his release, Gucci Mane gave the fans “Everybody Looking.” Even though he is still under strict scrutiny from the federal prison system, he wants his fans to know all is well.

A late summer anthem from this album was “Back On Road” featuring Drake.

3. He showed his versatility as a businessman.

For years, he has only been a rapper, but now, that is becoming too mainstream for the industry. Artists need to be more than just an artist now. They need some business to boost their image.

Currently, Gucci Mane is working with a team of artists in New York to design and create his clothing line, Delantic. Though the clothing line has not started shipping clothes to customers yet, some items can be viewed on the Delantic Instagram.

Fans still have a chance to get involved with the company, which is looking for interns.

A photo posted by D E L A N T I C (@delantic) on

4. He collaborated with other popular artists.

One goal of any artist is to gain more fans. His imprisonment has not slowed down the steady stream of fans that he has been obtaining. Gucci has found even more fans with Rae Sremmurd.

Their song “Black Beatles” has been topping the charts for months now. It became a part of an internet challenge, and people still perform the challenge in 2017. This song has gain the hip-hop duo and their featuring artist unbelievable fame.

Below is the iconic song, “Black Beatles.”

5. He has been active on social media.

A social media presence will make or break a career in 2017. Gucci Mane posts about his red carpet appearances, his bride-to-be, his fortunes, and his performances. He never stops smiling, and he gives fans a million reasons to love him and his future wife every day.

Fans are attracted to his lifestyle and his willingness to be open. From the commentary and thousands of likes on every picture, Gucci Mane seems to be here to stay.

Captured below is the happy couple posing for Instagram.

Gucci Mane, since his release, has gotten engaged to Keyshia Ka’oir, released three albums, and continued to shake the rap world. Fans are sure to hear more music from Gucci Mane in 2017. Other artists can learn from Gucci Mane; he never gives up and makes the best out of a bad situation.

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