How This Music Video Earned 20 Million+ Views

Many contemporary musicians have been utilizing the internet to reach a wider audience and to gain recognition for their music. YouTube has become a popular outlet for music artists, and many start their own channels. Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, is an artist who has gained a following for his style of music and acting.

These are the reasons why Childish Gambino’s song “Telegraph Ave.” has gained a significant number of views on Youtube.

1. Childish Gambino’s music style shows his artistic side.

Childish Gambino has an excellent voice and is capable of producing music that falls into different genres. He is known primarily for his singing and, more specifically, rapping, which initially brought him attention.

His music resonates with different crowds and is popular amongst young adults. He is an accomplished musician who shows his art through his work. His thoughts are put into his songs, as his lyrics relate to certain meanings he is trying to address.

Below is an example of Childish Gambino’s musical style.

2. He produces other works and is an accomplished writer and actor.

Donald Glover not only is a musician but also does other work, which shows is variation in creativity. He is a former writer for 30 Rock and has starred in various TV shows and movies.

One such show he produces and also acts is Atlanta. His adaptability to different forms of media make him popular with fans across the board.

Below is an example of his acting.

3. Childish Gambino’s music videos highlight his creativity.

His music videos generally have interesting themes that may or may not relate to the lyrics. The music videos usually connect with music, but he may have different aspects in each video, such as the ending of “Telegraph Ave.” Childish Gambino’s music videos are a work of art, which showcases his thought and input into what direction he wants the music to take.

Below is the music video for “Telegraph Ave.”

These are the reasons why the music video for “Telegraph Ave.” received over 20 million views on YouTube. Childish Gambino’s musical style showcases his artistic side. His other works are also entertaining to viewers, and his music videos show his creativity and work ethic.

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