How This Parody Video Got 3 Million+ Views

When it comes to parody videos, content creator Shane Dawson is a king. He’s been creating wacky and wonderful videos for almost ten years, and he hasn’t slowed down yet. His beauty guru parody got more than five million views and over 160,000 likes.

Here’s how this video appealed to millions of viewers.

1. It poked fun at a popular trend.

Beauty gurus are some of the most popular channels on YouTube. Creators such as Zoella and Rclbeauty101 are well-known for their makeup-centric vlogs. However, the perfection found in their makeup looks often seems to stem into their personal lives, which, according to their vlogs, are always beautiful.

Shane’s video took the beauty guru stereotype and turned it on its head. Viewers loved how he poked fun while still being genuinely funny.

Here’s one of the beauty vloggers who inspired Shane’s parody.

2. He created an original character.

When Shane first started on YouTube, his channel featured several original characters, such as Shanaynay and S-Deezy. Fans first fell in love with Shane’s content through all of the characters he played, and Fefe Fierce brought back all of those nostalgic feelings.

One of Shane’s favorite characters to play was a parody of Paris Hilton.

3. He followed it up with a second parody.

After the success of his initial beauty guru parody, Shane followed up with a beauty guru storytime parody. His melodramatic monologue reflects the exaggerated stories often told by creators such as Tana Mongeau or SimplyNessa15. He parodied everything from their clickbait thumbnails to their wide range of emotions.

Check out the second parody below.

Shane Dawson’s beauty guru parody got more than five million views because it poked fun at the popular. Parodies are a great way for any up-and-coming content creators to attract new viewers to their channels.

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