How This New Music Video Hit 30 Million Views

Musicians have increasingly turned to YouTube to promote their content and bring attention to their brands of music. It has become a popular platform for artists to reach a bigger listener base. Future, who has become quite popular in recent years, uses YouTube promote his latest raps.

Below are the reasons why Future’s music video for “Mask Off” gained over 30 million views on YouTube.

1. Future’s style of music and beats are unique.

Future’s brand of rap music is distinctive, as it has its own unique sound accompanied with his lyrics. His vocals give it a different style compared to other artists. His beats are also creative and flow well with his lyrics.

Below is an example of his style of music.

2. The collaborations he does with other artists bring more attention to his own work.

Future’s collaborations with other well-known artists showcase his ability to market his own music. These artists he collaborates with are usually well-respected and popular themselves, which is able to attract attention to his own work as well.

Below is an example of his collabs in a song with another artist.

3. His music videos are creative and flow with the songs.

Future’s music videos are fresh and go with his songs. The videos he produces are entertaining and give each song a particular meaning behind it. Future’s videos are recorded with high quality and are clear in what they are trying to represent for his music style.

Below is the music video for “Mask Off.”

These are the reasons why Future’s music video for “Mask Off” earned over 30 million views on YouTube. His unique style of music and his collaborations with other well-known artists have been successful marketing tools for his brand. His music videos are entertaining to viewers and highlight the meanings behind each song.

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