How Ariana Grande’s Disney Cover Is Enchanting Listeners

The original Beauty and the Beast song was recorded by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson in 1991. Their enchanting rendition is acknowledged as one of Disney’s best classics. The song has won multiple awards, including an Academy Award for Best Original Music Score.

The remake of the original animated film stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. The film not only includes recreations of music scores that are already in the first movie, but it also introduces the audience to new musical pieces as well. Most of all, John Legend and Ariana Grande’s new version of the Beauty and the Beast theme song has drawn on lots of media attention.

Here is a trailer of the film.

Here are three reasons why they’re attracting so many listeners.

1. The collaboration of two artists attracts more fans.

Ariana Grande is a four-time Grammy nominee, and John Legend is a ten-time Grammy award-winning R&B artist. Both musicians are also in the process of creating new music of their own. John Legend’s soothing tone paired with Ariana Grande’s flawless R&B vocals create the perfect recipe for the Disney song rendition.

By using the already-existing fame of these well-known artists, Disney manages to attract more listeners and audiences.

Here is a behind-the-scenes of the song recording.

2. The song has a modern twist.

Unlike the original score, the “Beauty and the Beast” remake has a more uplifting rhythm. Though the song still carries classical and orchestral aspects from Celine Dion’s version, it also introduces heavier drums and R&B vocal runs.

The Ariana Grande and John Legend version relates more to younger audiences.

Here is Celine Dion’s review of the Beauty and the Beast remake.

3. The music video is simply magical.

Ariana Grande and John Legend’s music video was recently released on YouTube, and in a short span of a week, the video has already received over 21 million views.

The music video provides simple yet elegant visuals. John Legend is seen playing his piano as Grande gracefully flaunts her “rose-petal” gown. The music video is very much Disney-themed, and it gives viewers a magical, enchanting experience.

Fans cannot wait until this Disney classic comes out. The new movie premieres on Thursday, March 17.

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