How This Music Video’s Views Skyrocketed

J Balvin released a new song, “Mi Gente,” and it became one of the most popular songs out there. He also released a music video that received millions of views. Many people enjoyed his song because of the beat and vibe that it gave off. He released a song that can boost your mood and get you to dance.

Here is how his music video’s views skyrocketed.

1. He created a music video that represented the song.

J Balvin’s new music video was a visual on what his song represents. His video had a lot of colors and people dancing.

Producing music and then creating a music video to visualize it is a good way to share the vibes that you are trying to express. Visuals are a good way to attract people and to engrain the song into their brains.

2. He wants his music to inspire his fellow Latino youth.

J Balvin likes to inspire young Latinos to follow their dreams. He wants to share his music with the youth so that they can also create content that they like.

Creating content that inspires the youth can be a good way to attract people because you are sharing positivity with them. Music is a good way to inspire people and to bring you popularity.

3. His music video prioritized diversity.

In the music video, he showed a variety of people. He expressed his belief in diversity, which was a good way to bring people together.

Creating content that brings people together is a good way to put your music out there. Diversity is something that this generation prioritizes.

J Balvin’s “Mi Gente” music video became popular because it empowered his community and celebrated diversity.

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