How This Transgender Beauty Guru Is Growing A Following

Nikita Dragun, famously known for being the “mother of draguns,” has become a very popular beauty vlogger through social media. With over 1.8 million followers on Instagram, 686k+ subscribers and 129k followers on Twitter, she is taking new leaps that are bringing her immense success. With a new collaboration, a funny personality, and an inspiring story, Nikita is on the rise for great things.

How is she doing it?

1. She collabed with popular brand Bellami Hair.

If you know Nikita, then you know that she has hundreds of different wigs for her famous looks. In one of her Instagram posts, she said, “Wigs are kinda my thing, and over the years of wearing them every single day I’ve become obsessed.” She released three wigs on September 18, 2017, and started a giveaway for her fans.

Many benefits come from collabs with big name brands because they bring you more exposure to new audiences.

2. She has a bubbly personality.

What makes a video entertaining? A great personality can be seen in Nikita, who loves to goof around, especially with her friends.

3. Her story inspires her fans.

An inspiring story can touch a person’s heart, especially if he or she can relate to you. Nikita has come along way with her body transformation, and as she vlogged about her journey, she helped inspire fans.

Nikita Dragun has grown her following by becoming a role model to her fans, being herself, and partnering with brands to do collaborations. Her bubbly and sweet personality makes her stand out in such a competitive industry. With such a long journey, her success is sure to continue growing.

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