How This YouTuber Receives Thousands Of Views

Thrift Thick is a beauty YouTuber who focuses on what is both fashionable and affordable. She likes to give affordable options for her viewers. She also enjoys giving her personal opinion on the products she reviews. Creating a connection with your fans is a way to keep them around.

Here is how she gains viewers.

1. She reviews trending products.

Trends are a good way to get people’s attention because it is at the top of their search lists. Keeping your content relevant makes it easier for someone to find your videos.

Thrift Thick likes to review new makeup products and things that are trending. She likes to keep her channel up-to-date with the latest releases in the beauty world.

2. She likes to show products that are affordable for her viewers.

Her channel revolves around affordable products that are worth buying. She wants to show her viewers that they can trust her opinions.

Showing products that are affordable for your targeted audience is a good way to catch their attention. Viewers want to be part of the channel and to be able to relate to it. Share products that your viewers are able to reach for.

3. She posts a couple videos every week, each with a different topic.

Thrift Thick has a series of videos, each with different topics. Her videos have different topics because she likes to have separate videos for the things that she talks about. Some of her videos are about clothing, some are about makeup, and some are about expensive products.

Having a variety of videos is a good way to get the attention of people who like different things.

Thick Thrift enjoys helping her viewers buy products that are affordable and worth their money. She gives her personal opinion, which creates trust with her viewers. Giving your personal opinion can be a good way for viewers to trust you. Creating content that helps people is a good way to attract new viewers.

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