How This Music Video Got A Million Likes

Many artists have become popular due to successful YouTube marketing and promoting. Musicians, in particular, have uploaded their works to Youtube in order to gain a larger audience. One such musician is Duke Dumont, who has become rather popular in recent years. His music is well-known across the world.

Below are the reasons why Duke Dumont’s music video for “Ocean Drive” earned over a million likes.

1. Duke Dumont’s music is unique and entertaining.

Duke Dumont’s music style is distinctive and catchy, as he uses sounds that are related to both house music and pop music. His music is catchy and gives off a positive vibe. The songs he produces incorporate both vocals and unique beats.

Below is an example of Duke Dumont’s music.

2. His songs are popular with younger crowds.

The songs he produces tend to have a more youthful feel to them. His songs are featured in various media and are heard often on the radio. Whenever they are released, his songs quickly climb the music charts.

Below is one such song, which was very popular.

3. Duke Dumont’s music videos are fun and creative.

The music videos Duke Dumont releases are always entertaining to viewers because each features abnormal funny situations. His music videos are known for being different, and his songs flow well with them.

Below is the music video for “Ocean Drive.”

These are the reasons why Duke Dumont’s music video for “Ocean Drive” earned over a million likes on YouTube. His music style is distinctive, and his songs are very upbeat and popular with younger crowds. The music videos he produces are fun and give each song a comedic mood.

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