How This Major Comedy Channel Earned Over 11 Million Subscribers

YouTube is a platform that enables content creators to produce their work and gain an audience. It has become the choice for people to deliver comedy sketches and parodies. One popular channel that has focused on this type of content is CollegeHumor.

CollegeHumor has grown into a popular channel since its beginning. Below are the reasons why CollegeHumor has earned over eleven million subscribers on YouTube.

1. CollegeHumor’s comedy sketches are entertaining and hilarious.

CollegeHumor’s videos usually involve some form of a comedy sketch. Their videos are relatable to younger viewers because they explore topics that are trendy.

CollegeHumor’s videos are entertaining to watch and get a quick laugh. The videos are diverse in terms of content but always contain some form of comedy.

Below is an example of their comedy sketches.

2. Their videos are diverse in terms of content.

CollegeHumor’s videos are very detailed and creative. They produce high-quality videos that are also widely varied. Their video content is different than similar channels because they have multiple people featured in their videos. The types of videos they upload can be parodies or even point-of-view comedy sketches.

Below is an example of this with a point-of-view comedy sketch.

3. Their form of comedy is fresh and fun.

CollegeHumor’s videos usually make comedy related to recent trends or events. Their comedy usually encompasses real-life situations and social or political satire. CollegeHumor’s videos are interesting, and their type of comedy is very fresh to viewers.

Below is an example of their comedy.

Above are the reasons why CollegeHumor’s YouTube channel has earned over eleven million subscribers. Their video content and sketches are entertaining to viewers, and their videos are diverse in content. CollegeHumor’s type of comedy is fresh and relatable to audiences.

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