How This Former Boybander Released A Successful New Single

Former One Direction member Niall Horan just released his third solo single, “Too Much To Ask.” The song is already trending all across social media, and both longtime fans and new listeners can’t get enough.

Here’s how Niall Horan released a successful new single.

1. He coupled the single release with an album announcement.

Niall released “Too Much To Ask” at the same time that he announced he was putting out his debut solo album. On Twitter, he announced that Flicker would be coming out in mid-October, just ahead of his upcoming tour.

2. He released the audio on YouTube.

Though Niall didn’t release a new music video, he put the audio for “Too Much To Ask” on YouTube. The video quickly climbed up the trending page as more and more fans jumped online to stream the song.

3. He timed the song’s release for “New Music Friday.”

Fridays are meant for new music. Streaming sites like Spotify often put together special playlists for “New Music Friday,” which collects all of the best new releases from the previous week. Putting his new song out right before Friday ensured that Niall’s single would top the list.

Thanks to its well-timed release, Niall Horan’s “Too Much To Ask” is set up for a successful climb up the Billboard charts.

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