How This Music Video Got 5 Million Views In a Month

HAIM’s latest music video, “Want You Back,” has been out since June 22nd. In a little over a month, the video already has more than five million views.

Here’s how the video got so popular so quickly.

1. The band released the video two weeks before dropping its sophomore album.

The “Want You Back” video dropped two weeks before HAIM’s second studio album released. The album, Something To Tell You, came out on July 7. The audio track for “Want You Back” was released on May 3 as the album’s lead single.

2. The video was the second release ahead of the new album.

“Want You Back,” though it was the lead single for the new album, wasn’t the first track that the band premiered. HAIM first released “Right Now.” However, only “Want You Back” got a music video.

3. The band has been playing shows and doing interviews to promote the new album.

As soon as they dropped Something To Tell You, the Haim sisters hit the road to promote their new album. They’ve been using the music video to promote the album and vice versa.

HAIM’s new music video for “Want You Back” got five million views in a month because the band is using it to promote a new album.

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