How This Music Video Gained 30 Million+ Views

Diplo is a successful musician who has utilized YouTube as a way to share his work. Diplo is a popular music producer and artist who produces songs in several different genres. His music has often been heard on many radio stations, and he is rather popular with younger crowds due to his social media presence.

These are the reasons why Diplo’s music video for “Revolution” has over 30 million views on YouTube.

1. Diplo is a producer and songwriter as well as an artist.

Diplo has become a prominent music producer in recent years and is often affiliated with different artists. He has built a reputation as an excellent producer, songwriter, and musician. His music is often categorized as EDM. However, he also produces music associated with rap and pop music as well.

Diplo’s success comes from the fact that his music is catchy and attractive to listeners, and he consistently has been producing music that’s is topping the charts.

Below is an example of Diplo’s work with the group Major Lazer.

2. His collaboration with other musicians makes his music more entertaining.

Diplo often works with other artists to produce great music. The music he collaborates on tends to be more popular with fans. He will usually collaborate with another artist who does vocals, but he is also known to work with other producers as well. Whenever he does a collab, it often results in that song being near the top of the music charts.

Below is an example of his collaboration with other musicians.

3. His music videos are artistic and creative.

His music videos for the songs he produces are interesting and contain entertaining visuals. Diplo’s music videos are very catchy because their lyrics go with the video and usually contains a message that viewers will try to figure out.

Below is the music video for “Revolution.”

These are the reasons why Diplo’s “Revolution” gained over 30 million views on YouTube. His music is popular and is often heard on the radio, television, and the internet. His collabs with other musicians attract listeners to his style of music, and his music videos are always entertaining to viewers.

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