How This Awesome Video Got More Than 13 Million Views

YouTube prank videos have become a common format for many content creators. This format has been successful in recent years, and others Youtubers have been replicating it or adding their own style to it. Most of these types of videos aim to get a reaction out of people, and one such channel that has been successful in this aspect is Big Daws TV.

One of Big Daws TV’s recent videos has become rather successful. These are the reasons Big Daws TV’s video “Klay Thompson Plays Basketball with Strangers” got more than 13 million views.

1. Big Daws TV’s video content is entertaining and diverse.

Big Daws TV’s videos usually are comedic and creative. He sets himself apart by using his own talents in a way that makes people react. The content within his videos shows his dedication to his channel. The videos he uploads vary from vlogs to music videos, which shows he can reach an audience with diverse visual preferences.

Below is an example of Big Daws TV’s video content.

2. His personality makes his videos interesting.

Big Daws utilizes his own personality in his videos to attract viewers. He is funny and likeable to audiences and incorporates his own sense of humor into his videos. He has shown viewers he is capable of adapting to situations and making situations awkward as well.

Below is an example of his personality in a video where he portrays his character “Ernie” rapping in social settings.

3. The creator’s talent and impressions are top notch.

Big Daws has talent in many different areas, whether it is sports, comedy, impressions, or making music. These different areas have gained him viewers because he has shown he can be flexible in the kind of video content he produces.

Below is an example of him impersonating NBA basketball player Klay Thompson.

These are the reasons why Big Daws Tv’s video “Klay Thompson Plays Basketball with Strangers” has gained over 13 million views. Big Daws TV’s video content is creative with his humor and personality. His talent in many areas also shows he is adaptable to different circumstances and forms of media.

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