How This Media Channel Gained Over 7 Million Subscribers

News reporting has traditionally been in the area of television and radio. Since YouTube was created, however, content creators have been utilizing it as a format to report on important issues and current trends. One such channel, Vice, has focused exclusively on producing videos related to issues concerning politics, events, music, and even sports.

These are the reasons why Vice has gained over seven million subscribers on its YouTube channel.

1. Their videos inform and educate viewers.

Vice has utilized YouTube to promote their content because they are not only a YouTube channel but a news outlet on HBO as well. Their videos are very informative because they explore issues firsthand and meet with people concerning a particular issue, whether it is dealing with climate change or politics. Their video content is easy to understand and helps give viewers a better insight into worldwide problems.

Below is an example of their format of reporting on another channel of theirs.

2. The videos they produce are diverse and appealing to different crowds.

Their videos are interesting to most viewers because the channel covers an array of different topics. They may upload a video that pertains to a basketball star and his upbringing or report on the latest fashion trend.

This broad scope of reporting makes their channel one of the premier news outlets on YouTube.

3. Vice produces high-quality videos, which demonstrates a strong work ethic.

Vice has consistently produced many different videos, which usually get millions of views. Their video camera quality is exceptional, and the sound is clear. Each video will have a different form of reporting or a host who will go and explore a topic. The videos are concise and clear enough to cover any questions viewers may have.

Below is an example of their video quality.

These are the reasons why Vice has gained over seven million subscribers on their main channel. Their videos are informative to viewers. They report in-depth, which is attractive to different viewers. The quality of their videos is great because it gives information with clarity.

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