How This Channel Makes Videos That Trend

Wired’s YouTube channel has been enjoying a lot of buzz recently from their video with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. The video has the stars answer the most searched questions about themselves. It is currently the third most trending video on YouTube, but a video with millions of views is nothing out of the ordinary for Wired.

Here’s what they can teach vloggers about creating create great content.

1. Stay connected to the tech world.

Technology was once considered a niche field, but now it is an essential part of life. Although plenty of viewers use technology on a daily basis, many are interested in how things work. It is up to the content creator to explain something that seems technical in a way that is interesting to everyone.

Wired took the technical concept of Nike’s powerlacing sneakers and brought it to the mainstream.

2. Viewers return to videos that make them laugh.

Time and time again, the most rewarding videos that viewers keep coming back to are the ones that make them laugh. Humor makes viewers feel comfortable when they are learning. W

Whether it be a tech-related YouTube channel, a music reviewer, or sports commentator, being funny is an amazing skill to cultivate when thinking about the concept for a new video.

3. Don’t be afraid to be weird.

Trying new things is hard. Trying new things on camera can be even harder. Vloggers should worry less about making fools of themselves and think harder about whether there is an audience for what they are doing.

Wired’s writer experimented in a weird way on camera, but the video garnered millions of views and thousands of comments.

Wired’s channel teaches up-and-coming vloggers to be goofy and smart at the same time. It’s important to try new things and stay connected the changing universe of tech. YouTubers should take advantage of times where they can use humor in their video. Be daring like the members of Wired’s team, and trending videos will follow.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area

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