How Sam Smith’s New Music Video Reached Millions Of Views

Sam Smith is a musician who enjoys creating soulful music. He likes to create music that people can relate to. He likes putting emotion in his music as a way for his fans to connect to his music.

Releasing music that people can connect to is a way for you to find your specific target audience.

Here is how “Too Good At Goodbyes” reached millions of views.

1. Sam created a song with strong emotions.

Music can move people, and it can make them feel some type of way. Sam decided to make this song portray strong emotions. This helps him connect with his audience.

You can create music that your audience moves to, and that can, in turn, create a stronger connection. Don’t be afraid to create something with a certain emotion because other people may be feeling that same way.

2. He starred in his own music video.

Some artists create music videos without being in them, but Sam decided to participate in his. It was an impactful decision for him to be in his music video because people were able to see his emotions.

You can create music videos and be in them because it helps your fan visualize you singing. It can also be impactful to see how the artist is feeling while singing his or her own song. Create your music video in the way that you want your fans to visualize your music.

3. Sam’s music video showed different kinds of couples.

In 2017, many people have accepted every kind of couple. When artists show diversity in their videos, many people go out and support them. They like to see a change in the music industry.

Sam showed many kinds of couples. He was able to display the diversity that many people like to see. Don’t be afraid to show support to the positive changes happening in the world.

Sam Smith released a new song that displayed emotion and gave positive support to diversity. Create music that displays the emotions that you are feeling because other people can be feeling the same way. A music video is a way to visually see your music. Create a music video the way you want others to view your song.

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