How This Creator Turned A Viral Trend Into A Lasting Career

Food taste tests and recipe hacks first gained popularity around the early 2010s, and Raphael Gomes has been making videos in this content niche ever since. While many creators have strayed away from this popular video format, he was able to turn it into a lasting career.

Here’s how Raphael Gomes turned this viral trend into a lasting career.

He built his audience through viral trends and challenges.

Raphael started his channel during the era of YouTube when lifestyle vloggers reigned supreme. He participated in predominately food-related trends. By focusing on a specific topic, he was able to build a strong foundational audience.

A lot of Raphael’s early videos involved taste tests and easy recipes. He learned how to utilize SEO keywords well. His titles often featured trendy foods like Nutella, mug cakes, and Starbucks Frappuccinos.

He continued to put new twists on popular trends.

Raphael didn’t just repeat the same video ideas every other creator was making. He continually put new twists on those popular video ideas. Therefore, his videos always stood out, even in an over-saturated space.

For example, several years ago, trying international candy was a pretty popular YouTube trend. However, instead of doing a basic “American vs. British candy” taste test, Raphael made a Halloween-themed version. The video went over so well that he did it again the following year.

He turned successful videos into series.

Whenever Raphael had an especially successful video, he capitalized on it by recycling the same concepts. For example, he’d try different kinds of international treats. One of his most successful concepts was “British vs. American,” so he compared everything from pancakes to KFC.

More recently, Raphael has found success with his “five star vs. one star bakery” series. He sends two bakeries the same design idea and then compares the results. He often applies cake trends to this concept, such as the surprise cakes he ordered in the video below.

Raphael Gomes turned viral food videos into a lasting career by learning how to build on each video’s success. His strong SEO titles and unique series have attracted two million subscribers to his channel.

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