Before Launching Your Merch, Read This

For many creators, merch sales are both an important source of income and a creative outlet. Your merch designs offer you the opportunity to share something else you’ve created with your audience. However, getting those designs in their hands requires a bit of pre-planning and marketing strategy.

Here’s what you should do before launching your new merch.

Poll your audience for help choosing your final designs or products.

Your audience is also your customer base. So, if they don’t like the merch you’re putting out, then you won’t get very many sales. To ensure they’ll love your designs as much as you do, put it to a vote. Have them choose between mock-ups of your designs or general descriptions. Ask them about the kind of products they want as well, such as hoodies or sweatshirts.

Alternatively, you could search your comments for their requests. Make note of any favorite phrases or quotes they ask you to put on shirts. You could even post an open-ended question to get more detailed and specific feedback from your fans.

Sell your merch on a platform that’s compatible with YouTube’s Merch Shelf feature.

The YouTube Merch Shelf feature allows you to sell your products directly under your videos. Once you enable this tool, your viewers will be able to see your merch without clicking out of the video. In order to be eligible, you must have at least ten thousand subscribers and be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

Additionally, your merch shop must be hosted on one of the supported retailers. Teespring is easily accessible for most creators. You can find the full list of supported retailers here.

Be realistic and considerate of your audience when pricing your products.

When pricing your products, it can be tempting to price them higher in order to make a better profit. However, the higher your prices are, the less accessible your merch will be for your fans. Therefore, your prices should strike a balance between profit margins and affordability.

There are several different pricing strategies you might use. You might experiment with different strategies for different products or for different launches. Online retailers have different strategies than storefronts as well. Learn more about your options as an online retailer in the video below.

Before launching your merch, you should survey your audience to ensure they’ll actually be interested in your designs. Likewise, you should keep your pricing fair and affordable in order to maximize your number of sales.

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