How This Cover Artist Gained 4 Million Subscribers

Alex Aiono is an American singer, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer who was discovered on YouTube several years ago. As of 2016, the young artist has over four million subscribers, and he has a total of more than 497 million views in his videos. Aiono has collaborated with well-known artists, such as John Legend, Babyface, and Billy Mann, and he continues to attract more attention on social media.

Here are three ways Alex Aiono is creating his own career path.

1. The musician showcases his versatility.

Alex Aiono is unlike other cover artists on YouTube. Instead of pre-recording the track and vocal layers, Alex Aiono performs the song live and all by himself. Using only a Macbook Pro and a production keyboard, the instrumentalist can produce original electro-beats and melodies.

Through his YouTube videos, Alex Aiono proves he doesn’t need anything or anyone else to back him up. His versatility and in-depth knowledge of music are what makes him stand out from the crowd.

Here is a video of Alex Aiono performing “One Dance” by Drake.

2. He composes mash-ups of famous songs.

We all listen to radio music and the top songs on Billboard, but what if all those hits are to be shortened and composed into a 3-minute mash-up?

Occasionally, Alex Aiono performs a list of all the hit songs of the month. In these videos, he smoothly transitions from one song to another; he also puts his own R&B twist to rap and pop songs as well.

Here is one of Aiono’s mash-up videos.

3. He covers various songs from different genres.

With his vocal talent, Alex Aiono can sing anything and sound great. He covers a variety of music from hip-hop, pop, R&B, and the alternative genre. By covering different songs, the artist gains media attention from a diverse range of viewers.

Through his videos, Aiono proves there is nothing he can’t do. The YouTube star has earned his place in the music industry.

Here is a video of Alex Aiono performing “Purple Rain” by Prince.

Alex Aiono is currently on tour to promote his new single, “Work the Middle.” To purchase his tickets, visit his site.

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