How This Children’s Video Went Viral

Fun Toys Media joined YouTube in July 2015 and despite its short time on the internet, the channel has already reached one million subscribers. More surprising, however, was the channel’s success with its recent video “Learn Colors with Ice Cream for Children, Toddlers and Babies,” as it reached over 57 million views in a matter of months.

Here’s how they did it

1. It features a kid.

Who better to explain colors to kids than another kid? By featuring a young child in the video and showing him fumble through a few of the colors himself, the channel’s target audience, other children, can better relate to the video.

It makes it particularly easier for younger ones to pay attention, as opposed to watching an adult on the screen saying, “This is blue, and this is pink.”

2. It covers every kid’s favorite topic: ice cream!

Not only are children learning about colors, but they also get to watch as a fellow kid dumps colored sprinkles on his ice cream and even takes a bite! Despite the temptation for a treat, parents love it because they know that their kid will be watching extra carefully.

3. The title tells you the target audience right off the bat.

Parents can spend hours trying to find a video that’s both informative and appropriate for their kids. By including the target audience “Children, Toddlers and Babies” and the topic of the video right in the title, the channel minimizes that struggle, allowing the parents to simply select the video, and place the screen in front of their child.

This video is both perfect for a kid needing some help with colors and perfect for a parent needing a quick break. Follow in this channel’s footsteps, and it won’t be long until your next video goes viral.

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