How This Channel Turned Interesting Facts Into Thousands Of Views

Today I Found Out has more than two million subscribers. A collaboration between host Simon Whistler and a team of writers, producers, and editors, this channel gets thousands of views on its informational but entertaining videos.

Here’s how Today I Found Out turned interesting facts into thousands of views.

They tapped into the ever-growing genre of “infotainment.”

Even after finishing school, many people are still hungry for knowledge. Humans are curious about the world around them, often leading them to seek answers to seemingly bizarre or random questions.

Today I Found Out exists to answer those questions. They reach a wide audience by making learning fun as part of the “infotainment” genre, which is rising in popularity. Other channels in this niche include ASAPScience and Crash Course.

They upload daily.

True to the channel’s name, views can find out something new every single day. Today I Found Out uploads seven days a week, whether it’s a quick answer to a common question or a deep dive into the origins of everyday things.

Today I Found Out can upload daily videos because their format allows for batch filming. Because each video consists of Simon talking directly to the camera in front of a simple background, the production team can film several videos at a time and add the graphics in later.

They respond to viewer questions.

One thing viewers really love is being featured in YouTube videos. Whether you put their comments on the screen or say their name to the camera, they’ll keep checking out new videos just to see if they were shouted out. You can also make your videos more appealing to your audience by sourcing ideas from them.

Today I Found Out gets many of its video ideas from viewer questions. At the beginning of each video, Simon introduced the question and credits it to the commenter who inspired the video.

Every video is sponsored.

With the constantly changing tides of YouTube’s monetization policies, ad revenue alone may not always be enough to sustain an entire production team. Oftentimes, channels that make more produced content or more frequent content rely on sponsors to help them keep making the videos they enjoy.

Today I Found Out features a sponsor in every video. They’re not just sponsored by anyone, however. They often choose sponsors who offer something their viewers would enjoy, such as online courses or nice watches. They also offer coupon codes and special deals for viewers.

Today I Found Out gets thousands of views on its daily videos by answering viewer questions. As part of a growing niche, this channel spends a lot of time on the trending page.

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