Focus On These 3 Things To Grow Your Channel

A YouTube channel’s success is measured by its growth. The longer you’re working as a YouTuber, the more you should see your subscriber count rise. However, once you’ve reached a certain threshold of success, it may be tempting to ease back and let your channel growth plateau.

With the ever-changing landscape of online video, you can’t depend on the same strategies that make you successful now to garner the same levels of success in the future. Steady, continual growth should be your goal.

In order to keep your channel growing, you should focus on these three things.

Increasing your organic viewership is better than one viral video.

Many up-and-coming vloggers dream of creating that one viral video that launches them into the spotlight. With the right combination of creativity and luck, your next upload could be the topic of every online conversation by tomorrow morning.

For many successful YouTubers, however, it doesn’t work like that. Instead of one viral video launching their careers, they watch their regular uploads receive more viewers steadily over time. Top creators like Zoella, Lilly Singh, and David Dobrik gained massive followings through their regularly uploaded videos.

There are a few things any creator can do to keep their channel growing organically. The most important thing you can do is create quality content you’re proud of. When you’re passionate about your content, you will find an audience that reflects the same passion. Next, stick to an upload schedule. Staying on schedule will help you build a consistent viewership and keep your place in the YouTube algorithm. Finally, you can learn about SEO and use the right keywords in your video titles and descriptions.

Audience retention keeps your channel rising in the YouTube algorithm.

Many creators who see a spike in their views after a viral video watch their numbers drop back down to their normal levels after a while. True success is sustainable. Not only do you want viewers to flock to one video, but you want them to keep watching over time.

Audience retention is just as important as audience growth. When the same viewers keep coming back to your channel every week, you can build a strong, consistent viewership. To keep them coming back, give them more of what they like. For example, if you see more positive comments on a new video, consider turning it into a series.

Audience retention is about more than viewers returning video to video. It also applies to how much of any given video they sit through. You can get more tips for this kind of audience retention here.

Generate multiple streams of revenue.

For the majority of successful vloggers, their channel isn’t their only source of income. For some, it may not even be their main source of income. As a content creator, you’re also an influencer. Therefore, you should use your platform to generate multiple streams of revenue.

You can start with sponsored videos and posts. Open up a business email so that interested companies can get in contact with you. You may also send proposals to brands you’d like to work with.

Because you already have a substantial audience, you should also consider launching another creative project. You might produce a short film, publish a book, or start a podcast. Many creators use the success of their channels to launching acting or music careers.

One of the best ways for creators to increase their revenue is merch sales. Sell and design shirts, hats, mugs, or whatever else you can dream up. Not only will your fans be able to rep their favorite channel in real life, but you’ll also improve your channel’s brand recognition.

In order to grow your YouTube channel, you should focus on increasing organic views, improving audience retention, and generating multiple streams of revenue.

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