How This Channel Gets More Than A Million Views On Nearly Every Video

In 2012, Jake Roper launched the curious and innovative YouTube channel Vsauce3, and over the past four years, the channel has seen little but rising success. Out of the 152 uploads, only 12 videos have had less than 1 million views, with the highest hit at 7.6 million, and the lowest number at just over 575,000 views.

So the question remains, how does he do it?

1. He spent a lot of time and effort building up loyal subscriber base.

One key component to the channel’s growth has been the successful capitalization of a solid fan base. The number three at the end of the channel’s name indicates that this is, in fact, the third channel of the ultra popular Vsauce “empire.”

Even though the three channels are run by different hosts who focus on a unique speciality, each channel capitalizes on a solid fan base by remaining in a similar market, thus boosting overall viewership.

For a better idea of how the original Vsauce came to be, check out the video from another creator below.

2. The content is silly but serious.

Like the original channel, Vsauce3 comes up with absurd questions that might briefly cross one’s mind, but unlike most people, Roper takes the task of answering these questions very, very seriously.

Two of the channel’s most watched videos, titled “What if Superman Punched You?” and “How Much Does Thor’s Hammer Weigh?,” are both based on fictional characters, and yet Roper applies real science using multiple laws of physics, the energy released by the core of the sun, and the power of nuclear weapons. This application of real science to science fiction plays into the curiosity of the human mind, thus drawing in the audience and placing them atop the most popular videos on the page.

See how Roper determines Superman’s strength here.

3. The video themes stay current with trending topics.

One of the most recent videos to come out on Vsauce3 reached just over 4.1 million views in under two weeks. The video “Could You Survive Home Alone” combined the craze over the holiday season with one the most beloved Christmas movies ever made to create a fan favorite, placing it at number eight on the channel’s most popular list.

By keeping up with the trends, Roper ensures that more people interact with the video, share it with friends, and keep the views climbing upwards.

Check to see if you could survive Home Alone by watching the video here.

Jake Roper found success by joining the Vsauce empire, but it was not an easy path to reach the level of viewership he now has. Following in his footsteps could get you one step closer to breaking your first million.

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