How This Canadian Baker Became An Award-Winning YouTube Sensation

Yolanda Gampp is a self-taught baker who created the popular YouTube channel How To Cake It. She is also famously known for being apart of the show SugarStars, which airs on Food Network. Yolanda has managed to get 3.3+ million YouTube subscribers and 2.6 million Instagram followers.

Take a look at how Yolanda gained so much success.

1. Her recipes are mind-blowing.

Yolanda is known for creating the most realistic cakes out there. You’d be surprised about how many of her cakes actually look like food. Her creations have caught the attention of many fans, which is why she has millions of subscribers.

2. She has a recipe book dropping soon.

With so much success from her show and YouTube channel, Yolanda will be dropping her book How To Cake It on October 24. Not only will fans be able to watch her videos, but they can also have her actual recipes at home.

3. She has her own TV show.

SugarStar is about a Toronto boutique that specializes in creating amazing cakes and over-the-top sweet treats for special events. Yolanda Gampp is one of the cast members who compete in the show to make cakes.

Here, viewers get to see her put her skills to work and create beautiful cakes.

Yolanda Gampp has become a very successful YouTuber since her baking career began. Astonishingly, as a self-taught baker, she has already been nominated for a Shorty Award for Best Food and won at the Canadian Screen Awards. Her dedication to her baking career has brought her immense success that will only continue growing.

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