How This Artistic YouTuber Gets Thousands Of Views

YouTube is a world where people can express and share their talents. There are many people who like to watch tutorials to learn from them or to recreate the looks.

Madeyewlook is a body makeup YouTuber. She enjoys creating tutorials for famous facial and body art looks.

Here is how she gets thousands of views.

1. She uses famous characters and people as inspiration for her videos.

There are plenty of famous characters and people in the world. Madeyewlook takes advantage of that for her video ideas. She uses those ideas and puts her own creative twist on them.

Famous characters and people can be a good way to catch someone’s attention. This is a good tactic to create a trend for your videos because many people are likely to look at videos about their favorite famous characters or people.

2. She creates different looks for Halloween.

Costumes and makeup is a year-round thing, but it is most popular in October. Many people start to plan their Halloween outfit as soon as the month starts. Madeyewlook has a lot of videos that can help you find your perfect Halloween costume.

You can create your own videos to help people brainstorm something creative. Everyone has different ideas, and YouTube can be the perfect tool to get creative.

3. She has a second YouTube Channel, Madeyewlook Twice.

Managing a YouTube channel can be difficult, but once you get the rhythm, you can add a second one. Madeyewlook has a second YouTube channel, where she posts both makeup and personal videos.
Some people have two channels because they want to have two sets of content. It is a good way to section off your videos.

Madeyewlook has her set image as an artistic YouTuber. She posts videos for her fans’ entertainment and to inform them. YouTube is a platform that allows you to share your talents. Express yourself, and others will begin to notice you.

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