How This British Singer Earned One Million Subscribers

Dodie Clark is a British singer and songwriter who’s built her own music career through her YouTube channel. She operates her main channel, a vlog channel, and even a Vevo channel. Many of her videos have several million views each.

Here’s how Dodie earned one million subscribers.

1. She started by uploading original songs.

Many independent musicians who’ve built up strong followings on social media build up their audiences through cover videos. However, Dodie took a different route, basing her career on her talents as a lyricist rather than her vocals.

Dodie uploaded her first original song, “Rain,” in 2011.

2. Her vlog channel keeps her connected with her fans.

Being a social media star requires more than just musical talent. Dodie’s vlogs on her secondary channel supplement her music fans with more content. By being a vlogger as well as a musician, Dodie has established a strong relationship with her fan base.

3. She released an EP and plans to release a book.

Dodie didn’t keep her talents locked on YouTube. Her first EP debuted at #35 on the UK charts, and she has a second EP scheduled for release in August. Dodie wrote a book that debuts in November as well.

She announced plans for her book in this video.

Dodie Clark is a successful British singer who forged her own path to fame through YouTube. Follow in her footsteps to find your own musical success.

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