How This Beauty Vlogger’s Latest Video Got Trending

YouTuber Bunny Meyer, a.k.a. Grav3yardgirl, has more than eight million subscribers. Her latest video got more than 800,000 views in two days, climbing up YouTube’s trending page as soon as it was uploaded.

Here’s how this beauty vlogger’s new video got trending.

1. She made a video about a buzzing social media trend.

“Wavy eyebrows” is the latest beauty trend to crop up on social media. Whether it’s genius or ridiculous, many entertainment sites and vloggers can’t stop talking about it. Bunny was smart to try it out for herself.

Plenty of other beauty vloggers followed suit.

2. It was timely.

Vloggers who upload irregularly or plan their video schedules too far in advance are at risk of missing out on a great viral trend. However, by striking while the iron was hot, Bunny managed to create one of the most popular “trying wavy eyebrows” videos so far.

Bunny often tests out the weird beauty products and trends that get the makeup community talking.

3. She made the video relatable rather than perfect.

Many beauty vloggers try to craft a perfect, idealized image of themselves online. Bunny, however, is never anything less than herself. She offered viewers a real person’s perspective on this wacky trend.

Viewers often come to Bunny for honest and humorous reviews.

This beauty vlogger’s latest video got trending because it was timely and relatable. Keep an eye on social media trends for video ideas that could get you trending, too.

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