How This Band Got Thousands Of Followers In Just 2 Years

Los 5 is an independent pop band in Los Angeles with Latin roots from Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. Members Juan, Matt, Ismael, Hector, and Tomas started the band back in 2014 with only a couple of followers, which has grown since then to 37.3k followers. As an upcoming band, they have already proved that anything is possible, landing performances at the iHeart Music Festival, Wango Tango, Jingle Ball, and more.

Here’s how their breakout came to be.

1. They performed almost anywhere.

Every band starts somewhere, whether it’s performing out in the streets or in a bar. Los 5 began their journey performing outside of concerts, at schools, the House of Blues, Citywalk, and other places.

Getting this much exposure helps you gain exposure for your music and grow a following.

2. They started to grow a fan base.

One of the most important aspects of any musician’s career is having a fan base or a following. La Familia, which translates to “the family,” is what the fan base of Los 5 goes by.

Here, band member Juan gives a special shout out to the fans for coming out to the show.

3. Enter music competitions.

This one may seem more challenging because you have to compete against other musicians, but in the music industry, everything is a competition. Every year, Macy’s iHeartRadio Rising Star has a competition for upcoming musicians to win a chance to perform at the iHeartRadio Festival. In 2016, Los 5 won that spot with the help of their devoted fans.

Opening up for such a big festival with big names opens the door for endless opportunities later on.

It may have taken a couple of years to grow a big following, but the journey for Los 5 is just beginning. It looks very promising.

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Yocelyn Mendoza is majoring in communications and double minoring in graphic design and Spanish. She enjoys drawing, discovering new music and going on hikes.

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