How Madonna Became A Pop Icon

Madonna has been one of the biggest names in pop music since the 1980s. She’s still making new music and playing all over the world.

Here’s how Madonna became a pop icon.

1. She pushes the boundaries with her lyrics.

Madonna made a name for herself by constantly testing the boundaries of what was acceptable with her lyrics. She challenged pop music to grow and mature, reaching the top of the charts with hits such as “Like A Virgin.”

2. She often changes up her image and her sound.

No two Madonna albums are the same. By constantly evolving with both her sound and her personal style, Madonna made sure that her career never got stuck in a rut. She is one of the few artists to build a music career that spans generations.

3. She pursued acting as well.

Early in her career, Madonna pursued acting alongside her music. She starred in films such as Desperately Seeking Susan and A League of Their Own. She even won a Golden Globe for Best Actress because of her work in Evita.

Madonna is a pop music icon because she persistently challenges the genre itself. Her personal and career growth helped the industry to grow as well.

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