How Jeffree Star’s YouTube Channel Keeps Growing

You’ve probably heard his name or seen his makeup videos. Jeffree Star has been in the YouTube world for a while now, creating videos on makeup, reviews, collabs, music, and his life. Viewers can be reassured that his channel will keep growing if he keeps doing what he’s doing.

So what’s the secret to all this success?

1. He’s always honest with his followers.

The saying goes honesty is the best policy. Jeffree Star is known for being 100 percent honest whenever he’s reviewing products. People like to hear genuine reviews from YouTubers because it helps them decide if they want the product or if it’s not worth buying.

In this video, Jeffree reviews some of Dior’s liquid lipsticks, and he briefly touches on how he always gives honest reviews.

2. He’s always trying out new things.

Jeffree is alway trying out the latest trends and keeping his audience up-to-date with the good and the bad. A YouTube channel that is fun and up-to-date is worth following.

3. He launched his own makeup brand.

If you know Jeffree, then you know he has his own makeup brand, which features liquid lipsticks, palettes, highlighters, and lip scrubs.

Having a makeup line isn’t a necessity, but it could attract more followers, especially if other YouTubers review the products.

With over 5.2 million YouTube subscribers, Jeffree Star shows that being honest, goofy, and open to trying new things can lead to a very successful YouTube career.

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Yocelyn Mendoza is majoring in communications and double minoring in graphic design and Spanish. She enjoys drawing, discovering new music and going on hikes.

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