How This Alabama Native Became A YouTube Celebrity

Laura Lee has come a long way since her teen years in Alabama. Now, she’s a major YouTube beauty guru with more than 2.7 million subscribers. She’s the go-to source for many makeup addicts and Sephora shoppers.

Here’s how Laura Lee became a YouTube celebrity.

1. She picked a niche that she was comfortable with.

Though she can be pretty funny, Laura Lee’s channel isn’t about comedy or even daily vlogs. Rather, she started a beauty channel and stuck with it. This choice has kept her viewers coming back for new makeup tutorials and built up an audience for her secondary vlogging channel.

Viewers love Laura Lee’s “Hit Or Miss” videos, in which she tests weird beauty products.

2. She built up a brand that stayed true to herself.

Though she lives in California now, Laura Lee will always be a Southern girl at heart. She doesn’t try to cover up her southern accent or hide where she’s from in her videos. Laura Lee doesn’t have to be the stereotypical California makeup artist to find a loyal audience.

Laura Lee is never one to put on false airs for the camera.

3. She does a lot of product testing.

When it comes to beauty, there is a seemingly endless number of products to try. Laura Lee has tested a good deal of them so that her subscribers know which ones are worth their money. These videos bring in non-subscribers as well.

She lets her fans know which products she likes and why.

Laura Lee became a YouTube celebrity by staying true to her roots. Follow these tips to create a successful channel of your own.

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