How This Australian YouTuber Gained A Huge Following

YouTube is flooded with thousands of videos, profiles, and stars, but sometimes it’s hard to find a vlogger you relate to and one that you can trust when it comes to fitness and health. Sarah Stevenson, SarahsDay, is a fitness YouTuber from Australia who, shockingly, isn’t vegan!

Her channel focuses on health and wellness, showing viewers how to get a lean and toned body, while also staying true to yourself and loving your body in all of its stages.

If that wasn’t convincing enough, here are five reasons she gained a huge following.

1. She shares her enviable life with her audience.

Sarah lives in sunny Australia, on the water, and spends most of her free time riding around on her pink bike she named “Dot.” Her vlogs make you feel like you’re spending actual time with her, doing the things she actually does, such as going to farmer’s markets, strolling the beach, and visiting seemingly every café in Australia.

2. She enables her viewers to make better life choices.

Sarah’s approach to fitness is one that enables both her and those who follow her same mindset to stay fit and healthy long-term. She doesn’t believe in quick fixes or fad dieting, and thus, her fitness remains. She shows her viewers how to improve at a steady pace.

3. She focuses on listening to your body.

One thing that makes SarahsDay so great is that she is incredibly candid about her own health. She suffers from a hormonal disorder, PCOS, which many women suffer from every day.

While she lives an incredibly healthy lifestyle, she doesn’t over do it and shares with her viewers that she focuses on listening to her body over what her mind thinks she should do. Basically, if she craves chocolate, she eats chocolate.

4. She has her own fitness program.

Because she is so dedicated to healthy living and her viewers, she even created her own fitness program! Cheaper than a personal trainer and probably better, it costs only $59 and guides the way into transforming yourself into the best shape you could be in.

5. She keeps it real.

It seems like most online personalities live perfect lives; they have perfect diets, perfect bodies, perfect houses, cars, clothes, etc. However, SarahsDay is unique in the way that she candidly shows her imperfections, as she knows everybody has them.

She shows her viewers when she is lazy about working out or eats too much on vacation, and then she shows them how she gets back on track.

SarahsDay gained such a huge following by sharing her unique but relatable life with her viewers.

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