How These Sisters Got 1.7 Million Views On Their New Music Video

Niki and Gabi Martino are twins sisters with a few million subscribers on YouTube. They’re also rising music stars, with their latest single “RU” recently trending in iTunes.

Their new music video got more than 1.7 million views less than a week after it dropped. Here’s how the “RU” video got so many views so quickly.

1. They built up a strong social media following before releasing music.

Niki and Gabi have been creating content for YouTube since they were seniors in high school. Now that they’re out of college, they’ve amassed 5.6 million subscribers and a few more million on their personal vlog channels. They also have millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Rather than publishing the “RU” music video on a Vevo channel or a separate music channel, Niki and Gabi decided to upload it to their main YouTube channel. This ensured that their fans would find the new video quickly and easily.

link in bio… #RUonitunes available now ♡ ????????????

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2. They teased the video for weeks beforehand.

In the weeks leading up to the release of “RU,” Niki and Gabi both counted down the days on social media. Niki even uploaded a special sneak peek of the video with audio exclusively to Twitter. They worked together to create buzz for their big release.

3. They’ve been hyping the heck out of the video ever since.

Since “RU” dropped, neither girl has stopped tweeting about it. Niki and Gabi have both been sharing covers, retweeting fan reactions, and doing whatever they can to hype the heck out of their awesome new music video.

Niki and Gabi released their new music video successfully by marketing it to their social media followers. Building up a strong following first will help make your music releases more successful, too.

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