What Makes Shannon K A Rising Superstar

Plenty of people try to break into the music industry every year, but it takes a certain spark to really capture the world’s attention. That special star power is hard to come by, and many aspiring artists fall just shy of the mark.

However, for the select few, music superstardom is just around the corner. Pop singer Shannon K is one of them.

Here’s what makes Shannon K a rising superstar.

1. She’s breaking down barriers for international artists.

Not many major music artists had to move across the world to pursue their passions. However, for Indian-born Shannon K, hopping on a plane to chase her dream was no question. She moved from India to the UK when she was very young. She even studied at Royal School of Music, London. Now, she’s based in Los Angeles, California.

Shannon K hasn’t let go of her Indian roots. She also studied Kathak, the classical Indian dance, and performed at the Bollywood Awards’ Night, USA when she was only six.

2. She knows the power of making music a family affair.

The Jonas Brothers took over teen pop together. Donny and Marie Osmond are hailed as one of the most entertaining performance acts in music. Even iconic pop star Miley Cyrus got a little help from her father at the start of her career. Like many other great pop artists, Shannon K works with her family to create amazing music.

Shannon K’s first single, which debuted when she was only twelve, was written by her younger sister. Annabel K continues to work as Shannon K’s songwriter, penning poignant ballads such as “Roll Back The Years.” Both girls inherited their musical talents from their father, award-winning Bollywood vocalist Kumar Sanu.

3. Her music videos are already receiving millions of views.

Shannon K is such as accomplished musician already that she has her own certified Vevo channel, which is usually something that only huge artists like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift can manage. She’s released four original music videos, three of which have more than a million views. Her most popular video received more than five million views!

Shannon K’s latest music video, “Lately,” got more than two million views in just two months.

A successful music career requires more than just talent. It requires drive, dedication, and a certain star quality that sets the pros apart. Shannon K has all of these things, which will carry her straight to the top. Her new album Perpetual is out now.

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