How This Former YouTuber Became A Successful Musician

Charlie Puth is one of the biggest names in music right now. His latest single “Attention” practically lives on the Billboard Hot 100. His breakout music video for “See You Again” still remains one of the most-viewed YouTube videos of all-time. Like many recently successful musicians, Charlie got his start by posting videos to YouTube.

Here’s how former YouTuber Charlie Puth became a successful musician.

1. He posted comedy videos as well as music.

Charlie started his channel, Charlies Vlogs, in 2009. Aside from the acoustic covers than many aspiring artists upload, Charlie also created his own comedy sketches. These videos gained the attention of entertainment industry professionals like Perez Hilton and Ellen DeGeneres.

2. He wrote songs and jingles for other vloggers.

Charlie quickly became an internet sensation. By creating music for other popular YouTubers, he brought more attention to his quickly-growing channel. He wrote the theme song for Shane Dawson’s Shane and Friends videos. He also penned the opening jingle for the Shaytards, a vlogging family. He co-wrote original songs for Our 2nd Life member Ricky Dillon as well.

3. He made it big with a song for a film soundtrack.

Though Charlie had a few previous releases, “See You Again” was his first major hit. He wrote, produced, and recorded the song alongside Wiz Khalifa for the Furious 7 soundtrack. Now, the music video has more than three billion views.

Charlie Puth is a huge name in music now, but first, he was a major name on YouTube. He’s an inspiration to all aspiring artists who know that a successful music career can start with uploading a video.

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