How This Animation Got Close To 2 Million Views

Jaiden Animations has been entertaining its 1.26 million subscribers since early 2014 with its creative drawings, witty remarks, and clever content. Last week, the channel’s creator, Jaiden, published the video “Stupid Lies I Believed For Way Too Long,” and the video has already grossed over 1.9 million views.

Here’s how she did it.

1. She debunks lies almost everyone has heard of.

At some point, nearly everyone has heard that sitting too close to the TV is bad for your eyes, so it’s kind of intriguing to know that there’s no scientific evidence to actually prove it. In the video, Jaiden picks commonly-heard myths that she knows her viewers will be interested in exploring, easily grabbing their attention.

“Debunking” videos are fan favorites across a variety of genres. Check out The Film Theorists’ approach to the practice here.

2. She adds a touch of science.

What better way to debunk a lie than use some cold, hard, scientific evidence? The factual information, either on the chemistry of aluminum foil or the biology of a grasshopper, combined with her fun, lighthearted drawings, peeks interest without going overboard on the education.

While learning may not have always been the coolest thing, adding in facts and studies into YouTube channels is becoming increasingly more popular. Watch the science channel MinutePhysics explore “Why Are Airplane Engines So Big?” below.

3. She reminds her viewers of their younger years.

Most viewers may remember simpler times of running around the schoolyard with their friends or whispering secrets at the lunch table, but Jaiden uses her videos to pull those memories to surface and engage her viewers. As she talks about the silliness of her friends sharing stories on the playground, she has her audience thinking to themselves, “Hey I remember that!”.

This nostalgia combined with the childish myths, such as the evil and everlasting pomegranate stains, gets a smile out of her viewers and keeps the view count rising. Check out another one of her nostalgic videos here.

Animation channels like Jaiden Animations are a fun way to express yourself and your talent on YouTube and are becoming increasingly more popular. Even if you’re not artistically inclined, follow some of Jaiden’s creative tricks, and you’re sure to boost views on your next video.

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Kelsey Leaman is a senior at American University in Washington D.C. studying Economics and International Studies. She is passionate about writing, Lemonade, and Michelle Obama.

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