How Katy Perry Became A Music Star

Following her new single “Bon Appetit,” pop star Katy Perry is more famous than ever. Her glittering career leaves many aspiring artists wondering just how she got to the top.

Here’s how Katy Perry became a music star.

1. She persevered after initial setbacks.

Katy grew up in church, so she decided to pursue a career in gospel music as a teenager. However, after her debut album was commercially unsuccessful, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue secular music. She worked with producers such as Max Martin. After being dropped by two record companies, Katy finally signed with Capitol Records in 2007.

Katy’s original music sounded a little something like this.

2. She rose to fame with a controversial song.

After signing to Capitol, Katy’s music career took a completely different direction than she had first imagined. She caught the world’s attention with “I Kissed A Girl,” which was highly controversial for its time. Katy used this attention to boost her music career and follow up with hits such as “Hot N Cold” and “Firework.”

Listen to the song that made Katy Perry famous.

3. She continued to pump out hit after hit.

Once Katy caught the world’s attention, she didn’t stop taking their breath away. Her third album, Teenage Dream, produced four number one hits and a number three hit. She re-released the album with the hit single “Part of Me.”

Katy’s fourth album introduced “Dark Horse” to the world.

Katy Perry became a star because she never stopped working for it. Like Katy, if you never give up, you’re sure to achieve your dreams.

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