How This Channel Used Top Ten Lists To Gain 5 Million Subscribers

Alltime10s channel utilizes the list format to engage viewers in top tens through a wide selection of subjects. After six years of perseverance, Alltime10s has found nearly five million subscribers, but what does the site do well beyond making lists?

Vloggers can learn more about how Alltime10s found success here.

1. Pay attention to viewer feedback.

Paying attention to feedback is one of the most important aspects about creating great content. Every vlogger should note what viewers love and pay attention to what can be improved.

In Alltime10s channel description, it states, “ Don’t be stranger, drop us a line in the comments and let us know which videos you’d like us to make next.”

By engaging the viewers, content creators can think about videos in a critical way.

2. Focus on the positive.

Although some of Alltime10s’ videos are parodies, many of them point out the good in others. Viewers like to see uplifting videos when they are used to seeing a lot of negativity in the media.

YouTube offers vloggers a chance to extend positivity into the universe.

3. Talk about the future.

The future is one big question. Everyone has their own prediction on how the future will turn out. Anyone can give a forecast for the future. This is why sports commentators and weather reporters have jobs.

YouTubers can do the same and predict what may happen, as Alltime10s has with one of their most popular videos.

Along with the gift of compiling top ten posts, Alltime10s shows vloggers how to talk about the future, staying positive, and listening to viewers. Viewers have a lot to teach YouTubers. Listen to them and create content with someone in mind. Look to Alltime10s and achieve the same success.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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