How This Actor Is Reinventing Himself As A Musician

Even though most people remember actor Orlando Brown as Eddie from That’s So Raven, he has resurfaced recently to explore different aspects of his career. He tells of being a self-made artist trying to jumpstart his music career.

Here’s how Orlando Brown has taken the internet by storm and gained thousands of fans.

1. Promote previously released work.

Orlando released many singles and a mixtape. While the songs have yet to hit the radio, they are gaining recognition from fans on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. He continuously uploads videos while he or the fans are singing along to one of his songs.

Below is a video of his last song, which some people choose to cover.

2. Post about your daily life, not just your music.

More often than not, fans want to be connected with their favorite celebrities. Orlando Brown is not afraid to let the fans into his personal life. He posts selfies, general life updates, and occasionally goes live.

Orlando Brown shares personal behind-the-scenes moments with his fans and followers online.

3. Book online interviews.

There are not YouTube shows solely dedicated to interviewing new and/or up-and-coming YouTube personalities. Orlando has frequented a number of channels to answer questions about his past acting positions, rumors, and new music endeavors.

His most publicized interview is where he explains his relation to Raven Symone after the That’s So Raven return.

4. Use exposure from other projects to promote your music.

After the popular interview, the internet thrived on Brown’s explanation about his interaction with Raven Symone. They first only played the small excerpt until a DJ remixed the words to an amazing bass line. People started dancing to the track, and Orlando saw it as an opportunity to gain more exposure.

Below is his new single, which is one of the remixes.

5. Use all publicity as good publicity.

Brown has received some backlash for his new style choices, musical content, and recent actions, but he explains that is all a part of his plan. Since he is trying to reinvent himself, he wants any publicity like other Disney stars such as Miley Cyrus once received.

Interviewer KevOnStage tells below that he thinks Brown’s plan is unique and somewhat ingenious.

Sometimes the well-known, conventional way to fame isn’t as exciting and effective as other methods. Though he won’t be on the new That’s So Raven spinoff, fans look forward to what Brown is planning for 2017. Orlando Brown continues to work on his music career while showing his comedic personality that fans love so much.

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