How These Successful Channels Keep Growing

Some YouTube channels out there have managed to keep growing for years, building up views and subscribers along the way. Needless to say, not everyone manages to keep up this momentum, and some channels stop updating while others keep going.

To understand why this is, you need to look at the ones who have continued to update and see what they’ve done.

1. Before creating, start planning.

When you’re thinking of your next idea, it’s best to have several ideas in hand and create a potential schedule for your production and release of said videos. A channel that can produce videos in a timely manner without taking too long between releases will be more likely to keep growing its subscriber count for a long period of time.

Channels such as Honest Trailers and How It Should Have Ended often work on videos based on viewer suggestions and have them prepared before the releases of their other videos.

2. Having a team can support you in the long run.

Whether you are just starting out as a YouTuber or have already created a channel that’s lasted a while, it’s unlikely that you can keep doing everything by yourself. There’s also the possibility of sickness or accidents on your end that would prevent you from working. Having a team working for you, whether it’s your friends or fans who want to help you out, can keep your channel going.

Channels such as College Humor have multiple people who work to release videos.

3. Maintain contact with your fans, even if you take a break from uploading.

Some channels continue to have people who wait for their next video, even if they undergo a hiatus between videos. While channels can continue to expect a portion of their fans to remain faithful, there will be others who just stop following them. The YouTubers who are able to keep up contact with their fans can expect a more loyal fanbase to keep up with them in turn.

It helps to thank your fans for continuing to watch you, as Markiplier often does when he celebrates subscriber milestones or returns from a hiatus.

Video channels need to work hard to keep growing over time. It requires uploading videos at a steady pace as well as planning. It sounds daunting, but many channels have continued to remain popular over years, so anyone can do it.

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