How Miranda Sings Became A Viral Sensation

The character Miranda Sings is a fictional persona created by comedic actress Colleen Ballinger. With more than seven million subscribers and a billion views total, the YouTube personality has become a viral sensation.

In order to understand how Miranda Sings became popular, one has to understand what is involved in the character’s performance and her videos.

1. The actress uses brilliant satire.

The basis of Miranda Sings is that the character is a satire of overly prideful and untalented performers. She tends to act egotistical, which is seen in her videos that respond to events at the time as well as “haters” (claiming that their negative comments are born out of jealousy).

Given the number of egotistical performers out there, this character and her behavior are both comedic and relatable. People love witty comedy, and Miranda Sings managed to give her audience that.

2. The character is well-developed and unique.

Ballinger went to incredible lengths to construct her YouTube personality. Her backstory is fairly simple but based on what you would expect from a wannabe celebrity (home-schooled family with interests in famous performers, wants to be famous) and is the basis of how she acts in her videos. She also displays her own unique tics such as her active eyebrows and smirking with her face to one side. It helps to make the character seem real and attracts the viewers.

In order to attract viewers to your channel, you should display a well-defined personality in your videos. Stay consistent with the way you portray yourself from video to video so that your viewers can get to know you well.

3. The character has a signature line to make her memorable.

For any decently popular character, their personality and actions can be summed up by one line. It sounds like a minor detail, but people who think about that character will instantly remember everything about them through that catch phrase.

For Miranda Sings, her most recognizable line is “Haters Back Off!”, which is used to the point where it is the title of the Netflix series her actress stars in. Not only does a YouTube personality need a backstory, personality, and unique actions, but a central theme is needed to sum up their personality, which in this case is egotistical performer wards off “haters.”

Miranda Sings is an incredibly popular YouTube personality who remains one of the most viewed channels on the website today. Her success is incredible and is based on the many aspects that combined together to create her character. Few YouTube personalities have managed to achieve this level of success, which makes her all the more memorable.

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