How Jennifer Lopez Became A Major Music Star

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest names in entertainment. However, she wasn’t always a household name. Jennifer utilized her talents as a dancer and actress to help launch her music career.

Here’s how Jennifer Lopez became a major music star.

1. She got her start by dancing on television.

Though she’s famous for her music and movies, Jennifer Lopez got her start in Hollywood as a dancer on the sketch comedy show In Living Color. She spent two seasons as part of the live show’s dance troupe.

Learning to dance will open up a lot of career opportunities for you. Even if you consider yourself a musician first, working as a dancer will help you connect with industry professionals and start to gain a following.

Check out this clip of Jennifer Lopez dancing on In Living Color.

2. She made her name as an actress before pursuing music.

Before she was releasing her own music, Jennifer Lopez was the voice of Latina superstar Selena in the classic biopic. This musical lead became Jennifer’s breakout role. She even earned a Golden Globe nomination. Two years after Selena, Jennifer Lopez released her successful debut album On the 6.

Acting is the best way to get your face out there. You can use your vocal talents to snag roles in musicals, which will, in turn, get your music heard by more people. Start with community theater before you work your way up to major motion pictures.

Watch the trailer for Selena below.

3. She embraces her culture in her music.

Jennifer Lopez has been called one of the most influential Hispanic performers and the highest paid Latin star in the United States. By embracing her culture in her music, Jennifer became a voice for a community and helped bring Hispanic music into the mainstream.

By embracing your culture in your music, you’ll truly let your voice be heard. Music that doesn’t sound like every other song on the radio will also stand out more to casual listeners.

Listen to one of the many songs that Jennifer Lopez has released in Spanish.

Jennifer Lopez first stepped into the limelight more than ten years ago. She worked as an actress and a dancer to build her way up to a successful music career. Follow in her footsteps to start your own climb to the top.

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