How ThatsHeart Creates Videos Subscribers Love

With nearly two million subscribers, Heart Defensor certainly knows how to create videos that her subscribers love. Here’s how ThatsHeart keeps viewers coming back for more.

1. She makes requested videos.

One of Heart’s favorite things to tell her viewers is, “I’ll be your guinea pig!”. When lots of viewers request that she tests out a certain kind of beauty product, Heart is always quick to listen.

Because her first Instagram hacks video was so well-loved, Heart made a part two.

2. She participates in trending tags and challenges.

When a new video challenge circulates, Heart is ready and willing to make a new video for her subscribers. She’s done her full makeup with products from the 99 cents store, tried out kids makeup, and even attempted the “no mirror makeup challenge.”

One of Heart’s recent challenge videos was “How I Did My Makeup in High School.”

3. She treats her viewers like friends.

In every single video, Heart talks to her viewers like she would talk to anyone else she cares about. Her sweet, open personality is why subscribers come back for new videos each and every week. A beauty tutorial is great, but there’s nothing a viewer loves more than learning from a friend.

ThatsHeart is a rapidly growing beauty channel because of its dedicated and caring host. If you follow in Heart’s footsteps, then you, too, can create videos that subscribers will love.

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