How This Music Video Got Half A Million Views In 2 Hours

Girl group Fifth Harmony just dropped a new album. The album was followed by a new single, “He Like That.” The accompanying music video hit half a million views in just two hours.

Here’s how Fifth Harmony’s new music video got half a million views in two hours.

1. The music video followed a successful album release.

The group dropped its album Fifth Harmony early in the morning and released the music video in the evening. Putting out so much content in one day brought a lot of attention to the band on social media.

2. They went live soon after the video dropped.

After the “He Like That” video premiered, the girls hosted a live stream on the band’s official Vevo channel. Fans could tune in online and ask questions or watch the rebroadcast later on.

3. They shared the video directly on social media.

Rather than just linking the video or announcing that it was on YouTube, the band’s official Twitter uploaded the video directly. Lots of viewers watch the video without leaving their Twitter feeds, which made it easier for them to share it with their own followers.

Fifth Harmony’s latest music video for “He Like That” got half a million views within two hours of being uploaded because the group shared it so widely.

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