How Shane Dawson Built Up A Huge YouTube Following

Shane Dawson has been making YouTube videos since 2008. Now, his three channels have a collective 16.4 million subscribers and three billion views. Even after eight years on YouTube, Shane continues to grow his audience with daily videos.

Here’s how Shane Dawson built up such a huge YouTube following.

1. He gives his viewers more of the videos they like best.

Some of Shane’s most popular videos are series. He often tests life hacks and beauty hacks. He encourages his viewers to like the video if they want to see more similar content, and if the video is popular, Shane turns it into a series.

When your viewers like a video, ask them if they’d like to see more like it. If a video gets popular enough, you should continue turning it into a series.

One of Shane’s most popular video series, Trying Girl Products, has almost a dozen episodes.

2. He has other projects to help promote his channel.

Shane starts every video with a clip of the latest episode of his podcast, “Shane and Friends.” He often interviews fellow YouTubers, which is a great promotional strategy for both their channels and his own. He also mentions his books as often as possible in his videos.

To better promote your channel, start a side project. The fans of your book, podcast, or web series will become fans of your YouTube channel, too.

Watch the first few seconds of this video to get a look at “Shane and Friends.”

3. He releases short films on YouTube.

Through all of the years he’s spent making videos on YouTube, Shane has learned a lot about cameras and creating characters. He channels what he learned by making videos into making short films, which he releases exclusively on YouTube. His short films get millions of views, even more than his daily videos do.

If you’re filming videos for YouTube, then odds are that you’re handy with a camera. Grab a few friends and make a short film of your own. This is a great way to attract new viewers to your channel.

Check out Shane’s newest short film, The Lottery.

Shane Dawson didn’t become a YouTube sensation overnight. However, through eight years of hard work and dedication, he’s built a huge following for himself. Emulate Shane’s promotional tactics to start building a YouTube following of your own.

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