How RiceGum Gained More Than 5 Million Subscribers With A Single Video

When Bryan Le first started his YouTube channel to post gaming content, he may never have imagined that he’d gain more than five million subscribers in the next few years. His entire channel blew up when he posted his video “These Kids Must Be Stopped” in December of 2015. Now, RiceGum is a major force on YouTube and the internet as a whole.

Here’s how RiceGum gained more than five million subscribers with a single video.

1. He stirred up drama with other social media stars.

In his first popular video, RiceGum criticized young social media stars who made their name on the app He called out the app’s biggest stars for their behavior in their videos, which he thought was inappropriate for their ages. He sarcastically took it upon himself to put a stop to their antics.

The video blew up. In less than a year, the first “These Kids Must Be Stopped” video got more than eleven million views. Everyone from other internet trolls to the fans of the stars he called out were watching, commenting on, and sharing RiceGum’s video.

If you want to go viral, don’t be afraid to stir up a little drama. Though you should never be outright mean, it’s never wrong to express your own opinions.

2. He made videos in response to the hate he received.

Many of the social media stars that RiceGum called out in the following “These Kids Must Be Stopped” videos decided to fight back with a few choice words of their own. However, rather than simply let it slide, RiceGum took advantage of the attention their responses brought to his channel by making individual “roasts” and diss tracks for them.

Feuds between content creators can bring a lot of attention to an up-and-coming channel. Don’t pick a fight, but don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, either. Viewers love to hear what you think about either side of a feud between creators so that they can take sides.

One of RiceGum’s longest feuds was with star Jacob Sartorius. This is the first diss track that RiceGum posted about Jacob.

3. He built up a brand around the message of his initial video.

After “These Kids Must Be Stopped” went viral, RiceGum decided to keep going with his roasts and diss tracks. Because his content is so controversial, the rest of the internet has a lot to say about RiceGum. He continued to make videos about anyone who criticized him on social media.

When you find something that works, stick with it. Take hold of a viral video and see how much you can do with the same idea.

Here is one of RiceGum’s latest diss tracks.

RiceGum built up a huge audience by stirring up drama and sticking with what worked. If you find an original idea that your viewers love, change it up in as many ways as you can.

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