How Shakira’s New Music Video Gained 8 Million Views In 24 Hours

On March 24th, Prince Royce and Shakira released the highly anticipated music video for “Deja Vu,” and within 24 hours, the video had gained over eight million views.

Here’s how they did it.

1. It’s a collaboration.

Both the Bronx-born artist and Shakira teamed up to produce what has come to be a Latin radio favorite. Not only do they work together on the song, but both artists also appear in the music video, each playing an equally important role in the video’s story.

By working together, the two artists combine their massive fan bases to attract even more attention to their video.

Check out the entire music video here.

2. There was a big push on social media.

For weeks before the release, both Shakira and Prince Royce made a big push on social media, hyping up fans for the new video. These teasers helped excite both fan bases and draw their attention to YouTube, where they eagerly awaited the new release.

Watch Shakira practice for the big dance here.

3. Both Shakira and Prince Royce show off their moves.

Most music fans know that Shakira’s no stranger to the dance floor, but this music video shows both the Colombian native and Prince Royce swaying to the music in what seems to be a Bachata competition.

Bachata, which originated in the Dominican Republic, is an inherently sensual dance, and seeing both artists move as one caught the attention of many fans.

Take another look at the two on the dancefloor here.

Shakira and Prince Royce teamed up to pull their fans together, create massive hype for the video, and proved to the world that all their practice shown in their social media posts definitely paid off. Follow in their footsteps and watch your own music video go viral.

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