How Jennifer Lopez Became A Pop Icon

Everyone knows Jennifer Lopez as one of the leading contributors in the music, fashion, and acting industries. Jennifer Lopez began her career as an aspiring dancer in the Bronx, New York. Her appearance in Janet Jackson’s “That’s the Way Love Goes” video following her leading role in the film Selena are a few of her earliest breakthroughs.

Through her hard work ethic and undoubtable talent, Lopez soon became a universally recognized performer and entertainer. Since 1999, the pop icon has released eight albums. Lopez has been awarded eight movie and music awards, and she remains a role model for the Hispanic and Latino community.

Here is one of JLo’s hits, “Ain’t Your Mama.”

Here are three ways J Lo remains an icon for many years.

1. She appeals to an international audience.

Jennifer Lopez embraces her roots as a Puerto Rican. Although the majority of her songs are in English, the singer has a Spanish album that appeals to foreign fans. This way, her songs are internationally recognized, and she gains more exposure.

Here is Lopez’s song “Qué Hiciste” from her album Como Ama una Mujer.

2. She perfects her live performances.

With her impressive vocals paired with her impeccable dance moves, Jennifer Lopez is fearless on stage. Unlike other performers, Jennifer Lopez brings it all: the glam, the tricks, and the talent. The singer loves to incorporate dance movies and stage effects; that way she makes her performances a memorable experience for her audience.

Here is a clip of Jennifer Lopez’s live performance at New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly.

3. She is consistently involved and prevalent in the media.

Apart from her music career, JLo has starred in over 30 films and 17 television series. Some of her most famous works include The Back-up Plan, Maid in Manhattan, Enough, and Shades of Blue.

Additionally, the popstar also served as a judge on American Idol for several years. Furthermore, Jennifer Lopez has made multiple commercial contributions. She has created 28 fragrances and started a merchandise business.
By appearing on several platforms in the music, acting, and fashion industry, JLo manages to stay present in the media.

Here is a clip of Lopez as a judge on American Idol.

Jennifer Lopez is currently doing a performance series in Las Vegas, NV. You can also catch her on Shades of Blue, a new action-drama series.

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